Virginia Indian History

Virginia Indian History
North Carolina Indian History
The Story of the Great Trading Path — The Siouan people of the Virginia/North Carolina Piedmont are largely ignored by history. They had a political importance in the last half of the 17th century. No British trade goods could pass into the interior of the continent without first passing through the merchant middlemen of the Yesah people (Occoneechi, Saponi, Tutelo, Monacan, Stuckenock). They were soon to be casualties of the great Beaver Wars, which were in fact an arms race. Tribes faced an inexorable reality. Those were possessed the most and best guns were likely to survive. In a desparate bid for survival, the Virginia Siouan attempted to hold their own in this struggle, but were soon to be assaulted on all sides by the British, the Seneca, and the Susquehanna. We try to piece together this story, here.

Executive Journals of the Virginia Colonial Council Project — One of the best original sources revealing the marginalization of the Indian tribes in Virginia. Volume One is published here, with all entries that were present in the index pertaining to Indians. It covers the period from 1680 to 1699.

Tuscarora Path Valley in Colonial PA — Originally a North Carolina confederation of tribes, which began migrating north to become the Sixth nation of the League of the Iroquois with the climax of the Tuscarora War in 1713. This rare article indicates a previously overlooked location in PA where a sizeable Tuscarora population lived for a generation or more. Their presence there was significant enough that the colonial government expelled white squatters rather than alienate the League prior to the French and Indian war.

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